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Tienda Esquipulas dans Do it in Paris novembre 2018 – couv

Full of memories and grisgris

Tienda Esquipulas in Do it in Paris November 2018 the guide and good addresses for Parisian women in Paris

tatouage magazine

Tattoo Magazine shopping May / June 2018

Tattoo Magazine's shopping selection for May / June 2018: the ex-voto Mexican hearts of Tienda Esquipulas with inspiring shapes and colors.

Culture latino Tienda Esquipulas

Latin culture books

Latin culture: children's books and books arrive at Tienda Esquipulas Since its creation, Tienda Esquipulas tells with its objects the Latin American popular culture and culture mainly from Guatemala and Mexico. Today we have chosen to complete this trip by offering you books and children's books dedicated to ...

Couverts enfants poupées tracas du Guatemala

Hassle-free dolls from Guatemala: tested by mothers!

They tested they liked! We recently launched the melamine dolls tableware set in Guatemala. It is a product imagined to allow moms to extend the soothing experience of hassle dolls or, quite simply, to tell a pretty legend born in the Mayan country around meals. Cutlery and their dolls hassle, by [...]
Affiche Coco film Disney Pixar

Coco the Movie: A Journey to the Heart of the Mexican Day of the Dead

Coco tells the story of Miguel, a little Mexican boy who dreams of being a musician, an impossible dream in a family of shoemaker craftsmen. In his family, the shoemaker's job is not at the origin, not a vocation but a compromise. By becoming shoemakers, for generations, his ancestors banished music and song from their daily lives. Thing…

Fête des morts 2017 Tienda Esquipulas – small

Come celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos at the store!

In our cultures, the feast of the dead is the time to celebrate the happy memories of our departed, it is a time of joy and joy. Like every year now, Tienda Esquipulas is happy to welcome you on this day to share together this moment of celebration that is our "Dia de los muertos"! Dia de [...]

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