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Mexican oilcloth small Vichy tiles, yellow color. Tablecloth, placemat, shelves, sew or make. Origin Mexico. Sold by the meter by 120 cm wide.

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100 × 120 ×. 1 cm

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Mexican oilcloth with small yellow Vichy tiles pattern

autenthique oil cloth Mexican colorful and flowery, yellow Vichy small tiles pattern. Kitch, cheerful and resistant, ideal for interior and exterior decoration.

Imported from Mexico, this Mexican oilcloth with a bouquet of flowers is covered with a plastic film. The Mexican oilcloths very colorful and easy to clean, they will give your indoor and outdoor tables a touch of originality and color. Widely used in Mexico in restaurants, dining room tables, canteens, market tables, etc., they can also be used as decoration to cover your cupboards or shelves or as a basis for making bags, cases, waxed canvas pouches, etc. speak your creativity!

Some examples of DIY in Mexican oilcloths

Création DIY toiles cirées mexicaines - Jeunes créatrices

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Dimensions 100 × 120 ×. 1 cm

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