Lucha Libre Mini Kitsch Match Book


Mini kitsch notebook. 32-page line sheet notebook size 10 x 7cm. Vintage mexico decoration Lucha Libre match poster and Blue Demon mask.


.1 × .1 × .1 cm

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Lucha Libre's kitsch mini sheet with match line

Very original 32-page line sheet notebook, ideal for having with you all the time and going out on all occasions.

The cover of the notebook reproduces a match poster of the very famous "Lucha Libre", the Mexican wrestling which is now world famous, which takes place in the hall of the civic center of San Cristobal Ecatepec, located north of Mexico City, which regularly hosts concerts , matches and sporting events. The poster is struck with the mask of Blue demon, one of the most famous wrestlers in Mexico.

Vintage Mexico decor

This kitsch mini-notebook is decorated with images vintage of the popular culture of Mexico in the 1950s. Made from recycled paper, these notebooks are produced by the traditional Mexican brand "Malinalco" specializing in the reuse and reinterpretation of the motifs of Mexican popular culture.

The production of this Mexican brand is part of the vintage trend which has appeared for several years on all continents and brings up to date objects and illustrations from the past century. With its rich culture and history, Mexico is uniquely positioned to revive many meaningful patterns. A unique source of decoration and accessories for those who love originality!

Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 cm

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