Mexican Maracas skull dog


Maracas handmade in paper mache with expressions to the screwing that will make you melt with tenderness. Dog in skull Great children's room decor or in a flowerpot in your apartment. Made in Mexico these papier mache characters are made ecologically with sheets of recycled paper.


8 × 6 × 45 cm

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Mexican Maracas skull dog

Nowhere else! this adorable maracas handmade in papier mache with the head of a dog skull is a great children's room decor in the character style of Coco the movie. Made in Mexico by artisans these papier mache characters are made ecologically with recycled paper sheets, a painted wooden stick decorated with multi-colored piping. Do not miss! 

As in the character styles of Coco the film

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 45 cm

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