DIY metal Mexican decoration, horseshoe


Mexican decoration in embossed metal, natural color. Pewter decoration in the shape of a horseshoe to customize. Height 7 cm. DIY metal figurine


7 × 7.5 cm

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DIY metal decoration in the shape of a horseshoe

Awaken your artistic and creative senses! Let your imagination run wild with this pretty mexican decoration in metal repelled in the shape of a horseshoe! Figurine DIY ( from English do it yourself, Do it yourself ! ). This decoration can be painted with an acrylic paint and give a matt appearance or a stained glass paint to give a more shiny appearance. Give color to this horseshoe decoration in embossed jail and bring it into your decorative universe. Shaped like a mermaid, Santiag, rose or Santiag boot! To seize!

Mexican decoration made from a sheet of sheet metal called hojalata. It is a material widely used in Mexican crafts. It is mainly used in the state of Oaxaca. City of Oaxaca where most of our ex-voto hearts come from. This metal sheet is cut and worked by craftsmen in their talleres. These are workshops where all kinds of handicrafts abound. The jail is very malleable which allows them to make such diverse shapes. This horseshoe is very thin. The decoration in the form of horseshoe then takes shape thanks to the skillful hands of these workers who push the tin until they give the desired relief.

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Dimensions 7 × 7.5 cm

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