Colored retro card Notre Dame du bon Remède


Pretty vintage spirit card representing the Notre Dame des Remèdes - retro postcard from Mexico - unique and original cards colored by hand!


9 × 14 cm

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Hand-colored vintage card!

pretty one retro card from Mexico. This Post card on the very pious theme of Saints is a novelty at Tienda Esquipulas. Printed on glossy, glossy, semi-cardboard paper. Back of the white card, does not have lines to write. Hand-colored vintage card 9 * 14 cm! Indeed, very close to the Zócalo in Mexico DF, a gentleman passionate about old images applies to coloring these old photos of saints among others and gives them back life and color! To send by post or as a gift! Write your most beautiful sentences while being inspired by these pretty original cards !! You can also frame this pretty vintage card and give a touch kitsch to your decoration!

Nuestra señora de los Remedios

Invoked under the title of Our Lady of Remedies, here is yet another representation of the Virgin Mary. Virgin from the Canary Islands, she was brought to American soil by the men of Hernan Cortés at the time of the conquista. The virgin of los Remedios often implored during droughts or epidemics, she embodies Spanish power, unlike the Virgin of Guadalupe, indigenous mixed race virgin, venerated by the Indians and become Patron Saint of Mexico. Devotion to Our Lady of Remedies under this ancient title is known in Europe and Latin America. It is celebrated every year on October 8. When you find yourself in need for any reason, but especially when you are having trouble getting help, invoke Our Lady of Good Remedy, and you will no doubt be helped by her powerful intercession!

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Dimensions 9 × 14 cm

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