Votive candles 6h


Traditional Guatemalan craft votive candles - lucky votive candles and handcrafted protection from Guatemala lasting 6 hours - homemade wax votive candles.


6 × 4 × 2.5 cm

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Colored votive candles

In Guatemala, the use of these votive candles is done every day. It is a tradition deeply rooted in Guatemalan society and its lore. In the Catholic Church, votive candles are burned to demonstrate particular devotion or to make a specific call. Here, the color of the votive candle is important. It determines the wish that one seeks to make. We find these votive candles abundantly in the altars of village churches with Indian influence. Mixed with the scent of copal, myrrh or white incense they create an atmosphere conducive to prayer and devotion.

Use of votive candles

These votive candles vary in size, shape and color. Handcrafted in Guatemala, these votive candles are odorless. Take the color according to the meaning you are interested in. To use them, simply remove the small paper and put them in a small tealight glass or on a dish and think very hard about the wish you are asking for.

Burn a votive candle while praying for a particular circumstance or outcome, such as a safe return or an improvement in the health of a loved one.

Meaning of the votive candle colors:

Red: love, faith and will

Yellow: protection for adults

White: protection for children

Green: for business and prosperity

Blue: for work and good luck

Rose: for health and hope

Black: against enemies and envies

Violet: against vices and bad thoughts

Sky blue: success, travel and studies

Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2.5 cm

White, Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, Red, Green, Purple

  1. Avatar

    Madzelle Priscilla -

    My pink and orange candles are of superb good quality.
    great for decoration, for a birthday or just for praying.
    A small offering to our elders.

    • Ana Carrillo

      Ana Carrillo -

      Yes! these are votive candles, but also festive!
      Thank you for your comment!

      See you soon

  2. Avatar

    Delphine VINCENT -

    my pink candles are adorable, I installed them on my fireplace and I wait for the sweet Christmas evenings to light them.
    thank you !

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