Mexican Oilcloth

Nappe cirée mexicaine - banquettes du Grand Train à Paris - Modèles Rosedal, Dulce Flor et Tehuana (banquettes)

Mexican tablecloth Tienda Esquipulas - Bar "Le Grand Train" in Paris

Mexican Oilcloth by the original meter of Mexico to make a waxed tablecloth or any kind of DIY object (bags, purses, furniture cover, etc.).

Its kistch and colorful patterns make it the ideal accessory for interior or exterior decoration.

Sold by the meter by 120cm wide (single width). Polyester and cotton material on base, the fabric of the waxed fabrics is coated with a PVC film printed in four colors, itself covered with a transparent protective PVC film. Lead-free PVC and very good resistance.

Made in Mexico since 1955 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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